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Social skills training for neurodiverse teens and young adults

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Why PEERS Works

Evidence Based Curriculum

Effective Student Outcomes

Small Class Size

What Parents Are Saying

"PEERS has given my daughter so much confidence in social interactions. She is much more comfortable setting up outings with friends and introducing herself in new situations."

"PEERS has made our son more aware of social situations. He can better identify when he needs to self-regulate as well as realize when he's 'policing' situations. PEERS has also benefited our family by making him aware of social cues and has helped with his sibling."

"Good intro to a number of topics that are not easily addressed. My son has difficulty making friends, so [PEERS RVA] will hopefully benefit down the road some. We hope he will make some new friends at his school."

Learning through Modeling

PEERS RVA is unique in that we use live actors to model social skills.

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Real-life Skills

Used for healthy relationships within family, friendships, romantic relationships, the workforce, and school environments.

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